Incoming participant


I come from abroad for a traineeship and I will attend to your institution. What should I expect?

First of all, welcome. You are in one of the most buoyant areas in Southern Europe. Our institution is in El Prat de Llobregat, a town in the surroundings of Barcelona that lodges a frantic economic and industrial activity due to its proximity to El Prat Airport and Barcelona harbour. You will attend to a practice position in one of the companies we work with in the area of international commerce and logistics, so you will be busy for a while. So what you should expect is a motivating occupancy, a full training experience and the possibility of in a cultural environment that we believe you will enjoy for sure.


Which companies am I going to work with?

Many of them, mainly having to do with Transport and Logistics, International Business and IT, but in any case this is a lesser important issue since we are always trying to find new companies and partners to work with. In the time to be, you can check the following companies we work with:

APR (Aduanes Pujol Rubió)

Multitrade Spain

Transforwarding SL


Which accommodation options do I have?

Lots of them! There are many accommodation options in Barcelona and its outskirts. We can help you to find yours, but here you are some alternatives to start with:


What about transport?

There are five underground lines in the city, parallel Catalan railway trains that put many towns handy and the close-distance RENFE trains that will bring you wherever whenever. Apart from that, the main airport in Barcelona is in El Prat de Llobregat and there are countless bus lines that bring you everywhere within the city and to the outskirts. Just check all this information here:


OK, let’s say all the above-mentioned is sorted out. What can I do during my stay?

El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona and Catalunya in general are eager to offer a wide spread of activities, whether cultural, diverting, etc. There are literary thousands of things to do for every mood and person. Just check the following links and find yours.

cofinanciado derecha


Galeria d'imatges

Primera planta
Planta Baixa