You can download here a brochure about the studies Ins Les Salines is offering.

Vocational Education and TrainingSchedule
Sales and Commerce (CM10) Morning
Outdoor Leadership Program Morning
Nursing Assistant (1601) Morning or Evening
Office Administration (AG10) 1st Morning, 2nd Evening
Office Administration Healthcare Area (AG12) Evening
Gardening and Floristry (AR10) Morning
Hairdressing and cosmetics (IP101A) Morning or Evening
Agroecological Production (AR21) Morning
Microcomputer Systems and Networks (IC10)
1st Morning, 2nd Evening


Higher Education Training Courses Schedule
Network Computer Systems Administration (ICA0) 1st Morning, 2nd Evening
Web Applications Development (ICC0) Evening
Business Administration and Finance (AGB0) Evening
Physical and Sports Activities (AEA0) Morning
International Trade (CMB0) 1st Morning, 2nd Evening
Landscaping and Rural Environment (AR50) Morning
Transport and Logistics (CMCO) Evening
Fitness training (AEB0) 11:30 - 18:30

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